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Fitness Tips

Warm Ups and Cool Downs

Always perform some type of a light cardio warm up, for about 5 to 10 minutes, before a weight training session to loosen up cold muscles. The same can be said for ending your training with a light cardio cool down. This will evenly level off blood distribution throughout the body to avoid any blood cooling and level off your heart rate. This is also a good time to do some light stretching for 5 minutes or so, to help relax muscles and avoid injuries.


Make the Commitment

Any successful program demands a commitment from you. Don’t start unless you are willing to put your fitness program near the top of your lifestyle list. It is the commitment that makes it happen.


Have a Battle Plan

Once a week write down your training routines for the coming seven days. Monday : cardio, Tuesday : weights with my Steele Fitness Trainer, Wednesday : swimming workout. . . You get the idea!


Work Those Lungs

Endurance comes from cardio, cardio and more cardio. Cardio strengthens your heart and improves your overall health Your Steele Fitness Trainer can give you the formula for target heart rate that will help you lose weight. Did you know that only in your target heart rate zone are you burning fat? Too fast at the cardio and you may actually burn muscle.


Stay Hydrated

If you are on a training schedule of any kind you must add to your daily water intake. Your body needs the water to function efficiently and to flush out the waste products of all your efforts. You won’t feel sluggish, achy, lethargic or hungry if you increase your water to one gallon per day. Dehydration is the enemy of any physical fitness program. Avoid it at all costs.


Be Goal Oriented

Discuss your personal fitness goals – specific goals – with your trainer. Decide what you want to accomplish and work out a schedule to get yourself there. A professional trainer can help estimate the necessary effort and put together the program that will accomplish what you are aiming for. Weight loss, specific performance goals, muscle tone and appearance – whatever your goals, be specific, announce them and have a plan.


Stretch Appropriately! 

Did you know that spending a few minutes stretching at the end of a workout will speed your recovery, reduce the possibility of injury and help you build muscle? Proper stretching after your workout will give you lasting benefits. Ask your trainer why it is not a good idea to do prolonged stretching before a workout session or a competition. His answer may surprise you.


Recovery is Vital

Did you know that scheduled rest periods for your body are as important as your actual workouts? Depending on your age, weight and overall fitness your body must have time to recover from your workouts in order to build muscle and endurance. Over-training can undermine all your hard work and cause you to feel tired, irritable, experience loss of appetite, insomnia, chronic fatigue and achy muscles and joints. Your trainer will tell you exactly how many days of rest you need to optimize your workouts.


Keep Your Routine Challenging and Fun

Whatever your personal fitness goals are it will be most beneficial to you if the schedule and workouts are fun, challenging and varied. A good trainer knows how to get you where you want to go without being a “one trick pony.” There are virtually dozens of ways to structure a workout so that you stay interested and the results are good. We all like to be pushed a little farther than we think we can go. Strength, muscle tone, weight loss and endurance are the products of a challenging but fun workout overseen by a trained and knowledgable professional. If you’re not enjoying your training something is wrong !

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